300 goat bells

During the past 2 years Mendel Hardeman has been working on a series of video projects about the Brazilian North-Eastern desert and specially the history of the village of Canudos.
This work has previously been presented in the form of a video-installation – de Zee van Conselheiro, with hundreds of goat bells.
Next step in the series is a film titled The children of the barren land dream about the sea. Part of the soundtrack is made of goat bell sounds. Their ringing, faraway and close, fills the air in the region of Canudos, day and night.
Percussionist and improvisor Toma Gouband has joined this project to create the soundtrack. As part of this process, on Thursday 23rd of April – 20h30, Toma will be on stage finding his way through 300 goat bells from the Brazilian desert, as a live-improvised soundtrack to a compilation of images from the movie-in-progress.

Be there!

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